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London, England, UK



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDRIDGE, Grace  Abt 1880London, England, UK I6441
2 BRADLEY, Anthony John Raymond  18 Mar 1913London, England, UK I6715
3 BRADLEY, Edith Elizabeth  1917London, England, UK I6717
4 BROADBRIDGE, Matilda Lydia  Abt 1842London, England, UK I1350
5 COKER, Arthur  12 Jul 1867London, England, UK I2261
6 COSTA, Edmee Chauncy Da  Abt 1878London, England, UK I6671
7 CRUZ, Alice Mary Da  25 Sep 1902London, England, UK I7900
8 FALKUS, Stella Gladys  Sep 1895London, England, UK I7551
9 HANDLEY, Minnie Ella  Jan 1883London, England, UK I4635
10 HAYWARD, Emily  Abt 1858London, England, UK I6672
11 HOARE, Percy Albert  18 Aug 1890London, England, UK I7444
12 KITSON, George Hebert Wentworth  Abt 1899London, England, UK I6709
13 NUNN, Charles Alfred  11 Apr 1899London, England, UK I5117
14 NUNN, Doris Eleanor  Abt 1904London, England, UK I5119
15 NUNN, Edith Alice  26 Jun 1902London, England, UK I5118
16 SCOTT, Margaret Jane  4 Oct 1898London, England, UK I6230
17 SMITH, Eliza Mary  2 Apr 1873London, England, UK I2342
18 STOREY, Edith Marian  Dec 1862London, England, UK I6454
19 STOREY, Edward  Abt 1650London, England, UK I7029
20 STOREY, Herbert Ramsey  8 Jun 1864London, England, UK I1563
21 STOREY, Sylvia Lilian  4 Oct 1889London, England, UK I6694
22 SUGDEN, George Arthur  2 Feb 1839London, England, UK I2405
23 WESTACOTT, Reginald Charles  14 Sep 1896London, England, UK I2510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Alan Arthur  28 Jul 1988London, England, UK I9171
2 COKER, Henry  19 Jan 1863London, England, UK I1344
3 COKER, Robert Hammond  Nov 1903London, England, UK I1343
4 FALKUS, Stella Gladys  Jun 1927London, England, UK I7551
5 GILL, Julia Mary Swain  1975London, England, UK I7204
6 KEITH, William  5 May 1891London, England, UK I5921
7 McGREGOR, Jean  25 Mar 1944London, England, UK I8159
8 MENZIES, Alice Maud  8 Jan 1985London, England, UK I6732
9 NAIRNE, Agnes Florence  29 Jan 2016London, England, UK I9158
10 NAPIER, Frances Aytoun  14 Oct 1892London, England, UK I7290
11 NUNN, Maud ALICE  30 May 1965London, England, UK I8449
12 PARISH, Charles David  19 Dec 1955London, England, UK I7554
13 SILVER, Mary Duff  5 Jan 1834London, England, UK I4686
14 STOREY, Edward  30 Jan 1684London, England, UK I7029
15 STOREY, Henry Innes  1 Feb 1935London, England, UK I5428
16 STOREY, Mary Gladys  20 Nov 1978London, England, UK I6673
17 STOREY, Sylvia Lilian  20 Jul 1947London, England, UK I6694
18 STOREY, William  Aug 1825London, England, UK I6676
19 WALLS, William Marcus  28 Jun 1964London, England, UK I9175


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 AVIS, George  10 Jan 1973London, England, UK I1437
2 AVIS, John  8 Feb 1960London, England, UK I1442
3 BISSET, Helen Robertson  28 Feb 1956London, England, UK I3212
4 BISSET, James Gordon  20 Nov 1947London, England, UK I3031
5 BISSET, William  18 Aug 1951London, England, UK I3209
6 BROADBRIDGE, Sarah Martha  15 Jun 1908London, England, UK I1354
7 BUCK, Charles Francis Leonard  13 Jan 1951London, England, UK I9378
8 CALDERON, George Leslie  20 Jul 1920London, England, UK I5432
9 CLARK, Mary  21 Feb 1962London, England, UK I3162
10 COKER, Caroline Rosa  28 Feb 1950London, England, UK I8746
11 COKER, Edward Charles  9 Jan 1969London, England, UK I6571
12 COKER, James  22 May 1953London, England, UK I7764
13 COKER, Jessie Elizabeth  29 May 1964London, England, UK I6564
14 COOPER, Bessie Esther Beatrice  1 Jul 1960London, England, UK I7091
15 COSTA, Edith Da  15 Jul 1922London, England, UK I2430
16 DUNCAN, Hannah Watt  5 Feb 1960London, England, UK I4637
17 DUNCAN, John  3 Nov 1926London, England, UK I4114
18 EASTON, Jessie Chivas  4 Sep 1961London, England, UK I5891
19 ESSON, Alexander Silver  9 May 1952London, England, UK I7830
20 ESSON, Alice Catherine  18 May 1966London, England, UK I7828
21 FALKINGHAM, Dennis Northin  13 Mar 1962London, England, UK I2220
22 FERGUSON, William  7 Jan 1959London, England, UK I4086
23 FIDDES, Margaret McPherson  18 Sep 1937London, England, UK I3107
24 GAMMIE, Ann  27 May 1930London, England, UK I4283
25 GAMMIE, Elspet  24 May 1934London, England, UK I4281
26 GAMMIE, George Alexander  31 Jul 1934London, England, UK I8330
27 HAWARD, Helen Eveline  1948London, England, UK I7351
28 HAY, Beryl Adeline  13 Dec 1972London, England, UK I9136
29 HOWARD, Louisa Maria  23 Nov 1936London, England, UK I6987
30 KEITH, James  17 Jun 1919London, England, UK I5926
31 MACKENZIE, Duncan  13 Oct 1951London, England, UK I8083
32 NAPIER, Frances Aytoun  8 Nov 1892London, England, UK I7290
33 NUNN, Charles Alfred  13 Jul 1959London, England, UK I5117
34 NUNN, Maud ALICE  9 Aug 1965London, England, UK I8449
35 NUNN, Robert William  16 Jan 1908London, England, UK I6182
36 PARRELL, Mary  13 Feb 1926London, England, UK I8329
37 PUGH, Fanny Harriet  4 Jan 1932London, England, UK I7354
38 SILVER, Agnes Murray  29 Sep 1939London, England, UK I4319
39 SILVER, Annie Burgess  1962London, England, UK I7125
40 SILVER, David Alexander  19 Sep 1933London, England, UK I4315
41 SILVER, James  6 Oct 1927London, England, UK I8158
42 SILVER, Jane  21 Aug 1961London, England, UK I4387
43 SILVER, John  21 Jul 1931London, England, UK I5057
44 SILVER, John  25 Jun 1952London, England, UK I5864
45 SPANTON, Charles Tweed  1 Oct 1955London, England, UK I2226
46 SPANTON, Hannah Helen Elizabeth  5 Feb 1962London, England, UK I2225
47 STANLEY, Rose Frances  4 Dec 1964London, England, UK I5121
48 STOREY, Harley Payne  10 Jun 1926London, England, UK I6719
49 THOMPSON, Alfred Ernest Sydney  28 May 1957London, England, UK I5877
50 WESTWOOD, James  9 Jan 1907London, England, UK I6337

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FITCH / EBERS  2 Apr 1805London, England, UK F1969
2 McCARTHY / AVIS  Apr 1921London, England, UK F2838
3 STOREY / COSTA  4 Sep 1860London, England, UK F635
4 STOREY / FITCH  12 Jan 1828London, England, UK F1918

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